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This book is being published with a sense of urgency and hope; urgency, because racism is still rampant in the world; hope, because there is a true, practical, kind, learnable, and yes—even beautiful—answer.
     That answer is in the study of Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by the great American poet and critic Eli Siegel (1902-1978), who identified the cause of all human injustice as contempt, the "addition to self through the lessening of something else." Racism, he explained, does not begin with race, but with the human tendency to have contempt for the world, for everything the self sees as different.
     This book documents how, through study of Aesthetic Realism, contempt changes—not into tolerance, but into true respect for other people, and a conviction that we need the difference of the world to be all we can be.
     Journalist Alice Bernstein is joined by 25 other authors —teachers and students of Aesthetic Realism—who represent the diversity of humanity, and passionately want to see racism end: authorities in education, medicine, filmmaking, anthropology, business, photography, music, and aesthetics. Many of the authors have been educated in classes taught by Mr. Siegel himself, and continue their study in professional classes taught by Ellen Reiss, Class Chairman of Aesthetic Realism. They come from cities throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Israel, England, Haiti, Germany, Egypt.
      This book is an anthology of articles, written in relation to history, art, science, literature, current events, and life as it's lived on an ordinary day, which have appeared in newspapers and journals in the U.S. and abroad. Some chapters are: 
"Aesthetic Realism Explains Where Racism Begins—and What Can End It,"  by Alice Bernstein; "India: The Amritsar Massacre," by Christopher Balchin; "Richard Wright, Aesthetic Realism, and the End of Racism," by Allan Michael; "Israelis and Germans Need to Study Contempt," by Ruth Oron and Julie Jensen; "An Anthropologist Speaks about Race," by Arnold Perey, PhD; "The Answer to the Poverty and Prejudice Afflicting Native Americans,"  by Harvey Spears; "A Latino Perspective," by Dr. Jaime R. Torres; "Every Subject Is Anti-Prejudice: the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method,"  by Rosemary Plumstead; and "Teaching English as a Second Language to Chinese Children," by Patricia Martone.
     We are honored to reprint one of the earliest essays by Eli Siegel, "The Equality of Man," first published in 1923, and two issues of the journal The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, including the landmark commentary "Racism Can End," by Ellen Reiss.

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Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism
"Over the six years we've been publishing articles on Aesthetic Realism, many people have called us to talk about them. We get a lot of feedback, and we feel we're rewarding our readers with these articles which are so interesting. I look forward to many more years.
                           –Jason Hughes, Managing Editor, Tennessee TRIBUNE
"These articles have great value for my readers and that's why I'm glad to publish them."
                          –Frank Graham, Publisher, Providence American
"I am a woman born in Trinidad, W.I. I have read a lot of Alice Bernstein's work in the Harlem Times, New York Beacon and Caribbean Life. So when she told me about this book I told her YES, Aesthetic Realism is the answer." 
                           – Patsy Lewis
"We can't have too much awareness of the inequality of the races. The approach of Aesthetic Realism is valid, exciting, and a benefit to the community. I'm proud to have it reach them."
                          –Marguerita Washington, Publisher & Editor, Omaha Star
"These articles have given me and my readers a chance to open our eyes to the Human Race rather than Black, White, Asian or whatever race a person is. We get calls from people who say that reading about Aesthetic Realism is beneficial to their lives. 
                          –Jack Humphrey, Managing Editor, South Carolina Black Media Group
"We hope this new book will be a best seller." 
                           –Eddie Ponds, Publisher, The Drum (Louisiana)
"As a Filipino-American, I am honored and privileged to read and publish the writings on Aesthetic Realism. The publication of this book is way overdue and I have no doubt it will make a positive impact." 
                          –Marisse Abelgas, Editor-in-Chief, Philippine Post
"Good News You Can Use" is our motto, and that is why I am glad to include the positive and informative articles about Aesthetic Realism from Ms. Ruth Oron and Ms. Alice Bernstein.
                          –Pat Stevenson, Publisher, Harlem News Group, Inc.
"As president of the New York State Art Teachers Association I felt it was important to inform our members of the wonderful workshop that was given at our annual state conference in 2003.
The article "Art, Science, and the Answer to Racism: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method" demonstrates a truly integrated curriculum where a visual art educator and a science teacher work within their own disciplines developing concepts and processes that support each other while building character education skills."
                          –Jane Berzner, President, NYSATA
"People don't realize how important it is for children who are new to America to learn English. The quality of language education must be the very best. That is why I printed Patricia Martone's article on the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method. It made a stir in the Phoenix community. A child, whose letter I published, hoped Ms. Martone would come and teach here. Parents, teachers, and children are excited to learn about this wonderful method. Through the beautiful example of how the past is expressed in Chinese and English, children see that the two languages and cultures are friendly; they not only learned successfully, but they liked both languages more!" 
                          – Manny Wong, Publisher, Asian American Times, Phoenix, AZ

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