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Art and Life

The Success of the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method: Students Learn,
Prejudice Is Defeated.
 [Jean Valjean and feeling for people]
By Patricia Martone
Part 1, Part 2.

George Dawson, the Beauty of Reading and the Answer to Racism (AB).

Young and Old Learn the Answer to Racism at Brooklyn Children's Museum (AB).

"Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana" Thrills Cinema Audiences (AB).

A Musical Celebration of the Meaning of Labor! The Aesthetic Realism Theatre
Company in Las Vegas
 By Leila Rosen and Sally Ross

Union Leader Outlines Most Important Study for America (AB).

Impressions of A Festival of Learning and Joy:
Tap City 2003

We Can Feel More Alive at Any Age  By Irene Reiss

Cancer, Profit and the Health Care People Deserve (AB).

Everything in the World Has Meaning By Irene Reiss

What Is True Power in a Man? By David Bernstein

Emotions in Life and in the Films of Euzhan Palcy (AB). Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.