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Groundbreaking After-School Program Based on Aesthetic Realism
[films against racism, the Birmingham Children's Crusade] (AB).

Prejudice Changes to Respect: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method
[the cell in biology] By Barbara McClung

The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Is the Solution to the Crisis in Education
[freedom and order in softball and in ourselves] By Jeffrey Williams

The Success of the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method: Students Learn,
       Prejudice Is Defeated.
[Jean Valjean and feeling for people]
By Patricia Martone
Part 1, Part 2.

George Dawson, the Beauty of Reading and the Answer to Racism (AB).

Ossie Davis, Civil Rights, and the Education That Can End Racism (AB).

Young and Old Learn the Answer to Racism at Brooklyn Children's Museum (AB).

The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Shows: Education Is Ethics!
Organic Kindness on the Ice of Antarctica

By Rosemary Plumstead Part 1, Part 2.